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Digital Design
August 6, 2020
Melbourne, Australia

PR - 2021 Elections - DMK.

The 2021 election was a greater milestone for chennai adman. Mrs. p. Geetha Jeeva , the minister of social welfare and women Empowerment in Tamil Nadu, partnered with chennai Adman, for her PR and campign management. Leveraging her political Lineage, chennai Adman aimed to establish her as a trusted leader and emphasize her qualifications, achievements, and dedication to public service.

Campaign Objective: Establish Mrs. Geetha Jeevan as a trusted leader and highlight her commitment to social welfare, despite her party being out of power for a decade. Campaign strategy:chennai Adman conducted thorough research, tailored messages to key demographics, and showcased her specific projects focused on womken's empowerment and social issues.

Execution and Groundwork: Chennai Adman immersed itself in the Thoothukudi district for over five months, gaining local insights and tailoring the campaign accordingly. Results and success: Mrs. Geetha Jeevan secured an impressive victory, with a vote difference of 69.4% and 1,89.611 out of 2,73.187 votes in the thoothukudi district.

  • Brand Development
  • Art Direction
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Mobile App Design
  • Content Management
  • System & Guides
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Development

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